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Millennials want 'Secret Santa' banned because it causes anxiety

A recent study reached the conclusion that there are millennials who want "Secret Santa" to be canceled because it causes anxiety. 


This study centers on the practice of Secret Santa gift exchange, citing that it triggers anxiety in many millennials. Dr. Ashley Weinberg, a psychology lecturer at the University of Salford, Manchester, claims that this holiday practice triggers anxiety as millennials are worried that they'd appear "stingy" with their presents. 


This study comes from Jobsite, wherein it is stated that about 26% of millennials have admitted to dipping into their savings and even drafting their accounts to buy an office gift. 17% of the participants report that they felt like they were being judged by their co-workers for the gifts they gave. A grand total of 78% of millennials report that they've felt like they've contributed more than they should have in these office party gift giving in comparison to 58% of the rest of the workforce. 



Statistics show that nearly 1 in 3 millennials want this practice to be banned  with Weinberg explaining that this is due to the anxiety that surrounds gift exchange. She stated "If you've grown up in a world where social media is at you fingertips and those kinds of social judgments are being made fairly constantly, suddenly you're even more aware of what others might be thinking. Naturally, that's going to spill over into all kinds of areas, particularly something that can be a social taboo when you think about maybe not giving, or maybe questioning why people are giving." He also added "I think there can be a bit of that and naturally, it does lead to anxiety for a lot of people." 


Weinberg claims that workplaces can actually mitigate anxiety on their workers by setting these clear guidelines, affecting their plans in contributing to their giving funds. 



He continues "Having the chance to share our appreciation of colleagues and to celebrate positive events is really valuable-just as long as this is done fairly. Workplace organizations can play a positive part in this, whether helping to suggest sensible parameters or even by setting the ball rolling with a contribution to collections for employees." 


This financial burden is hitting millennials as they are stated to be "the poorest generation of Americans" since World War II. This generation also gained criticism for its wanting to ban other anxiety spiking practices in order to gain safe spaces, one that is being increasingly mocked by other generations before them. 

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