Missing man eaten by his dogs who left behind nothing but bone fragments

"Dogs are your best friend," they say. Not so much in this case. Freddie Mack, 57, from Texas could probably say something different about the dogs. But he can't say anything anymore, as he is dead and his body was eaten by the pack of his 18 mixed-breed dogs.

Freddie Mack liked to live alone and to have lots of space around him. That's why he lived near Venus, a small town of 4,000 people, 30 miles from Dallas. He lived with his dogs, and he always cared about them a lot. In 2017, when he was in the hospital for a while, he even called the local sheriff to ask if someone could check on his animals.

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Freddie was missing for months. One of his relatives was disturbed that he didn't hear from him since mid-April, and in May of this year reported that fact to the local police.

When deputies wanted to check his property, they found there a bunch of aggressive dogs, that didn't want to let them in. But when the police returned few days later and finally entered his property, they discovered something truly horrible: animal feces containing bits of clothing, human hair and bones.

After some DNA tests, it turned out that the pieces of bones belonged to Mr. Mack.

"Never have we ever, or anyone we've spoken to, heard of an entire human being consumed," said Deputy Aaron Pitts, from local Sheriff's Office. "The bones were completely broken up and eaten," he added.

Freddie Mack had some serious health problems and it's unclear how he died. It's impossible now to do an autopsy, as the only things that are left of Freddie are his bones and hair, and nothing more.

He is body was totally eaten by his dogs.

Like the police said, two of his dogs were also eaten by the others from the pack. The authorities decided to put down 13 of the remaining dogs, due to their aggressive behavior and put up just three for adoption.

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