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Mitt Romney wants our government to send $1K to all adults during coronavirus

Mitt Romney is taking a page out of Andrew Yang's book. Romney wants the United States government to send every American adult $1,000 amid the coronavirus pandemic. This money could be used to hold them over at a time where they may not be working and earning.

It's funds that could be used to help cover a few bills, rent, or mortgage.

It's an idea that is targeted towards small businesses and individuals, although many are wondering how this would actually help a small business when it will only help the individual with a few bills, at most.


Romney had a news release that said Congress did something similar back in 2001 and 2008 when they helped individuals and small businesses during those small recessions.

Pushback has come from individuals on social media who say Romney's idea reminds people of a universal basic income that Andrew Yang thought of. In fact, it's the same amount that Yang had as well.

But Romney calls this something different. He calls it a "stopgap measure" according to Fox News, not a real universal basic income.


Either way, if the government is sending people $1,000 a month - does it matter what it's called? No, not really.

Another idea that some people on social media floated was allowing Americans to not pay taxes for the year, or get a bigger tax return.

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter how government packages or names it as long as Americans are doing fine.

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Trump issued a statement today stating that America will prevail and we absolutely will.

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