MN Republicans demand IRS investigate Ilhan Omar

State Representative Steve Drazkowski, known as R-Mazzepa, formally announced that he is submitting a request to the IRS and Minnesota’s Department of Revenue for a full investigation on Representative Ilhan Omar’s fraudulent tax returns that took place in 2014 and 2015.

The Minnesota Sun reports Omar filing joint tax returns in 2014 and 2015 with Ahmed Hirsi. At that time, she was still married to Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, whom she was with 2009-2017. Tough Omar claims that she corrected those tax returns, Drazkowski alleges that she may have used the campaign funds to do so.


At a Tuesday press conference, Drazkowski was joined by several colleagues in support, including State Representatives Eric Lucero, Tim Miller, Linda Runbeck, and more.

In a press release from Drazkowski’s office, the requests want to take examine what Drazkowski says are “improper payments” in depth. These payments pertain to the money Omar had received for speaking at various Minnesota colleges. During her time of being a speaker, she served for the Higher Education Committee and was a member of the Minnesota Legislature. This means she oversaw the budgets of the institutions she received payments from. 

Drazkowski claims that Omar repeatedly refuses to explain the situation of her taxes and that such conduct of being legally married to one person and filing joint income taxes with another, is blatantly wrong.


He went on to claim that Omar “has repeatedly refused to explain why her taxes were illegally filed from the beginning.”

The Minnesota Sun also reported that Drazkowski had also submitted a formal request for a full investigation of Omar’s illegal actions to the US House Committee on Ethics. His petition to support that effort has more than 44,000 signatures at the moment.

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