MN woman receives absentee ballot for Broward County, but she moved years ago and didn't request it

A woman named Elisa Sarmento has posted a photograph of an absentee ballot she received from Broward County, in Florida. The problem is that Sarmento now lives in Minnesota and has, according to someone on Twitter, moved five years ago. The other problem is that Sarmento did not request the absentee ballot.


There are a few things to note about this story.

1. It's important to note that her photographs show that her mail is being forwarded. Well, if her mail is being forwarded but she moved five years ago, then what does that mean? According to a Google search, the "USPS will forward your mail for up to 12 months for First-Class Mail, Express Mail, and packages. Periodicals and magazines will be forwarded for up to 60 days." A few people mentioned this on Twitter, so I looked into it.


I asked Sarmento about the mail forwarding part and she said "This mail was forwarded to me from my townhome I used to live here in Minnesota and I moved to my new home 2 years ago so that makes it even more suspicious."

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2. Now the mail forwarding makes sense. She moved to Minnesota years ago, yes. But, she also moved to another home in Minnesota. The mail is forwarded from her old Minnesota address to her new Minnesota address.

3. Scott Presler notified folks that Sarmento moved 5 years ago. Long enough for anyone in Florida to know not to send a ballot to a woman in Minnesota.

4. It doesn't matter how long ago she moved. The question still remains. Why is she receiving a Florida absentee ballot in Minnesota if she did not request it?

5. In order to get an absentee ballot, one must apply for it online or in person. This is the norm for most states.

Florida has one big controversy on their hands.

Keep watching!

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