Mom accidentally sends pic of sunburnt BUTT to carpet fitters

When you need a team of carpet fitters, a good idea is to show them the area that needs work and get a good quote for it. Another very good idea (and this can't be stressed enough) is to also check very carefully what images you select from your gallery before sending them.

Danie Cain, 31, from Wigan, Greater Manchester snapped herself a very cheeky picture after a sunbathing session, and the intention was to send it to her man. But when she contacted the carpet fitter and was asked for images of the stairs and landing, so they can send an idea of a price, she accidentally tapped on her bum selfie when selecting the images for the workers.


She realized her mistake and followed up with an avalanche of apologies, and her post about the mistake spiked up over 2000 Facebook shares. Her concern is actually more about the images of the stairs, because they were before decorating and what people might think of her when they see them... if that's more important.

Danie has doubts about using the carpet fitters company now, after they all saw her behind. Well, them and all the internet, but still, facing the people who had a glimpse at your naked butt can't be at all pleasant, or lacking awkwardness.

As a tip: every message has the option to be removed from facebook messenger, just tap on it long and select - remove. You can chose to remove it for you or everybody.


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