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Mom Arrested For Towing Kids In Little Red Wagon

A mom in Oregon was towing her kids behind her car in a little red wagon and the kids weren't wearing helmets. The kids inside the wagon were ages 2, 4, and 8. The mother was driving in circles and other motorists saw this and reported it. At one point, it's reported that the 2-year-old was crying because the wagon popped up on two wheels. That's when the mother put the 2-year-old back in the car and kept driving the 4 and 8-year-old in the wagon.

Seems like the mother was doing this so the kids could have fun, but I'm not sure how fun it would be if your kids fall out of the wagon in the middle of traffic. Maybe this is something you can do on your private property. Or perhaps this is something you don't ever do because it's ridiculously dangerous and quite stupid. I can't believe she had a two-year-old behind her car in a wagon. Can you imagine the amount of exhaust fumes these kids were inhaling on the ride? Utterly horrible way to have fun with your kids!

An Oregon mother has been accused of endangering three young children after towing them behind her car in a little red wagon.

Springfield police said 27-year-old Alana Donahue was arrested Wednesday night after at least four motorists reported seeing the car pulling the plastic wagon with her two-year-old daughter, 4-year-old son and 8-year-old nephew inside.

Drivers said the woman waved at vehicles to pass as she slowly drove in circles in a roundabout. A witness reported seeing the car going above 30 mph, and the 2-year-old toddler began crying after the wagon tipped up on two wheels. The witness told police that Donahue took her toddler from the wagon to the car, and then continued driving with the 4-year-old and 8-year-old still in the wagon.


Donahue faces two counts of reckless endangering. A third count is pending

According to the reports, the mother said she just wanted to show her kids a good time. Well, there's a lot better ways to show your kids a good time then towing them in a wagon through street traffic! There's much safer things to do with kids too.

If you just want to show your kids a good time, then take them to an amusement park and let them ride the bumper cars. Or how about the local Chuck E Cheese or some other place of enjoyment? Maybe she can put the kids in the wagon and pull them around the neighborhood while going for a nice walk. Maybe teach the eight-year-old how to pull the wagon for the other two kids and teach some responsibility while having a fun time together.


Towing your kids in a red wagon, through regular street traffic, is a horrible idea.

The kids didn't even wear a helmet! Let's be glad the kids weren't injured, because who knows what could've happened if one of them fell out of the wagon.

Hopefully this mother learns a lesson and she does smarter and safer activities with her kids in the future.

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