Mom buys 1,500 pairs of shoes in closing Payless, will donate to kids in need

Surely, the clerks and management of this closing Payless store were in a real surprise, when they heard it. "How much would it cost to buy the rest of the shoes in here?", asked Carrie Jernigan the Payless' clerk.

Carrie Jernigan is a mother of three from Arkansas. She is also a president of Alma School Board (Alma – a town between Fayetteville and Fort Smith). "I'm in the schools a lot and where I live we have a very high poverty rate," says Jernigan.


So, as a responsible person with lots of compassion, she surely knew how to connect the dots where she entered this closing Payless ShoeSource store. And it all started when she went there to buy just one pair of shoes for her daughter. But her daughter, just like the mother, she also doesn't forget about the needs of the others.

So she asked her mom Carrie if she could buy a pair of Avenger shoes for her classmate. Mother agreed, and while she was checking out, she jokingly asked how much would cost all the shoes that they had in the store.

Next thing she got, was the call from the Payless' regional manager that offered her some great deal for all 400 pair of the shoes that they had in the store. But why stop at 400, if you can get 1500 for a great price?


The next day, the new boxes (with hundreds of pairs of shoes) arrived at the store and Carrie decided to buy them all.

She plans to give away all the shoes to the children in need. "So many in our community are desperate for new shoes to send their little ones back to school in. If you could see the messages it would break your heart," she said.

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