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Mom Accused of Cooking Kids in Oven and Showing Dad on Live Video

Lamora Williams of Atlanta is accused of killing her two sons by cooking them in an oven, then allegedly sending their father footage of the children's bodies. The sons Ja’Karter and Ke-Yaunte Penn were 1 and 2-years-old when Williams reportedly pushed them into the oven and turned it on, allowing them to burn until they were injured or already passed away. That's when she activated live video and showed the boy's father what she did to those two sweet kids.

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 Jameel Penn, the father, saw the boys badly burned and lying on the floor. He called 911 and that lead to Williams being arrested on account of felony murder charges. She is held without bail and sitting in the Fulton County jail. At one point she allegedly lied to the police officers and told them that the boys were with a baby sitter. Then she said she found the kids already deceased when she came home late that night. 

Members of her family claim she suffers from a mental illness, or disorder, that wasn't diagnosed or went untreated. They claim the woman attempted cutting her wrists, constantly left the young children home alone, and cut the heads off dolls according to Heavy.

Besides having the two very young sons, Williams also has a 6-year-old girl and a fourth child. That child was put into the care of a family member. NYPost reports that police were not exactly sure where the fourth child was at the time, but it's believe the fourth child, a son, is with the father, Jameel Penn.

Police have removed the stove in order to complete forensic testing.

No words can be said to explain what Penn must be going through having lost two of his children to their own mother. This must be tearing him apart on the inside and it should because this has to be the hardest thing he will ever go through in his life.

I wish there was something we could do to bring back his boys as they deserved a life. He still has his other boy and explaining what happened to his other son has to simply break him down every time he even thinks about it. That poor kid. Most kids get picked last in basketball or don't get the cool toy they want. He's already lived a life experience most kids won't ever know anything about.

Penn has a GoFundMe account set up and don't hesitate to send a few bucks to help him out. At the very least, it will help cover costs for the arrangements.

As for the mother who put her two sons in the oven, hopefully the legal system takes care of her in the best way possible. Even if she pleads insanity, the court must ensure she's not anywhere near children ever again.

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