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Mom Pulls Knife at Children's Toy Giveaway

You can count on Detroit to disappoint! A huge crowd showed up for a Christmas toy giveaway event, and the crowd was much larger than expected When too many people show up to something nice for children, then you would think parents would behave, right? Nope! That wasn't the case in Detroit when the entitled freebie parents showed up and displayed horrible behavior to their children.


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The toy giveaway event was so sad that fights were breaking out and one 39-year-old woman was arrested for pulling a knife! She did it in front of her own kids too, now isn't that a shame? It's sad that a mother would start a fight and pull a knife on someone when she's at an event to get toys for FREE. It's not like she's in line trying to buy the last pair of Nike Air Jordan's. She's milking an event for a free toy and has the audacity to start a fight with a weapon? Will her kids become future criminals just like her? The most messed up part about this is the fact that this happened at all. it says a lot about the people who were at this event and causing chaos. Can't anyone act responsibly and civil for something that's supposed to be for the children?

The people were out of control at an event designed to give toys away to children. What happened to the Christmas spirit? Instead of people waiting in line for their FREE TOY, the parents were getting rowdy, fighting, becoming so unruly that police were forced to spend time at the event instead of policing the rest of Detroit.

Here's news coverage of the crime.

Click on Detroit reported:

"Saturday night's toy giveaway is part of a program called Toys Making I.M.P.A.C.T.S. For months, those in need could register for free toys for their children, and when the doors opened at Tower Center Mall on Grand River Avenue at 4 p.m., close to 6,000 children were signed up.

And more families who didn't sign up showed up.

The organizers admit that organization and crowd control is on them. They just weren't expecting so many people."


There are thousands of people at sporting events who are better-behaved than people waving knives at a children's toy giveaway in Detroit. The audacity of the people misbehaving is sickening. No unruly parents deserved a free toy that night. 

This is why we can't have nice things.


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