Mom-to-be mistakes car seat cover for dress

What's the bravest thing in the world? It's when you do something incredibly silly but then decide to share it with the rest of the world, like blogger and future mom Lori Farrell did. She posted a picture of her in a black and white outfit, which wouldn't be weird if it was a skirt and not a car seat cover!

Farell published a photo which proves that she is wearing a car seat, as she explained how this sartorial mishap happened. First, she wanted to tell everyone that if they feel like a failure today, they are still doing much better than her.


Everything started when her friend gave her a car seat cover, but never explained what it is. This pregnant woman thought it was a skirt and even managed to fit inside of it.

Revealing more details, she told HuffPost that her friend sent her a message, as she wanted to give her a bunch of baby stuff she doesn't need. Farell picked up things like pregnancy pillow, a rock, lots of toys and shoes. When she saw the striped something, she had no idea what it is.

It was loose and mixed with clothes, so she figured it must be the skirt. When she tried it, she even called her mom to joke that this might not be a skirt, but that she likes it and will go to work wearing it. Only when she checked the brand online at her job, she realized what kind of mistake she made.


What she was wearing was "Mom Boss 4-1 Multi-Use Cover," which can be used as a cover for shopping carts and car seats, but not as a skirt! Farrell is happy that her post made people laugh, and that the whole thing turned into something positive.

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