Mom votes for Trump, son tells her: 'You are no longer my mother'

Talk about being an unhinged privileged entitled whiny brat! Here's a 21-year-old son who has literally cut off his own mom just because she went from being a lifelong Democrat to a Trump voter. This is all just my opinion, but he must be the participation trophy captain of the world.

This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever seen and I don't know how this 21-year-old functions on a normal basis. Politics should never cause anyone to lose friends or family, and if you're cutting your own mother out because you don't like who she voted for, then you're just an awful person on the inside who clearly has only thrived on participation awards.

But honestly, maybe that's mom's fault for spoiling the kid with a roof over his head and food on his plate. Maybe she should have abandoned him when he was two-years-old in an alley and let him survive on his own. You know, only the strong survive and only the privileged cut their moms out because of politics.

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As stated on Reuters:

“He specifically told me, ‘You are no longer my mother, because you are voting for Trump’,” Gomez, 41, a personal care worker in Milwaukee, told Reuters. Their last conversation was so bitter that she is not sure they can reconcile, even if Trump loses his re-election bid.

“The damage is done. In people’s minds, Trump is a monster. It’s sad. There are people not talking to me anymore, and I’m not sure that will change,” said Gomez, who is a fan of Trump’s crackdown on illegal immigrants and handling of the economy.

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Gomez is not alone in thinking the bitter splits within families and among friends over Trump’s tumultuous presidency will be difficult, if not impossible, to repair, even after he leaves office - whenever that is.

As Trump would say, SAD!!

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