Monica Lewinsky trolls Mike Pence's comment about being 'on your knees'

This is one of those stories where you just can't help but laugh. Monica Lewinsky came out of nowhere today to troll Vice President Mike Pence with a very funny joke. Now before I share the joke with you, it wasn't a joke making fun of Mike Pence. Monica Lewinsky actually made fun of herself in a way.

Here's what happened.

Mike Pence apparently said for people to "spend more time on your knees than on the internet" and Washington Times ran the story.


Lauren Duca posted about it, then joked about it, saying "OK, who’s gonna tell him?"

Monica Lewinsky came out of nowhere and said, "def not me" and got over 30,000 'likes' on her post.

Here are the messages as they unfolded.

Every once in a while we need to have some fun on social media, right!
This was one of those times.

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