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Monster Trucks Saving Lives in Texas

A group of monster truck owners and volunteers have banded together and are traveling from city to city in an effort to assist those hardest hit by floodwaters in the aftermath of Harvey. A slew of videos have gone up on social media showing these magnanimous monster truckers pulling out military vehicles stuck in floodwaters in Houston, to other big trucks ferrying rescue crews to the assistance of residents and other rescue crew vehicles that got stuck.

In the videos you can see crows of Texans cheering as the monster trucks successfully make their rescues. The monster truck mission all began in a town in the greater northwest Houston area called Copperfield.  Residents noticed a group of monster trucks driving buy, flagged them down and told them of a truck that was stuck and of people in need of help at a local apartment complex.

One of the truckers, Josh James, who is a mechanic at Houston's George Bush Intercontinental Airport said that he enlisted the help of is friends at Dallas dirt racetrack called Rednecks and Paychecks for their fiver monster trucks to be used in the rescue missions.  The trucks stand at a whopping 10 feet of the ground.

Fast forward a few days and the monster truckers with the assistance of a car service company called 3P Offroad, have assisted in coordinating a team that has rescued more than 200 boats, 300 trucks and 600 people.

The monster truck rescue team is made up of people from many different groups to include the Cajun Navy and volunteers from all over Texas and they began their operations full bore only a day after Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas as a Cat 4 hurricane.


Residents in need have been made aware of the monster truck rescue teams and their available to assist mainly via social media and local news broadcasts.

To bolster the monster trucks reach, a fleet of six former military vehicles which are now owned by civilians had joined the team.

Josh James is even using his own vehicle to assist, which is a lifted Jeep, just not to the degree that the 10 foot lifted monster trucks are.  With just a slightly larger than normal lift package on his Jeep, he is still able to get to places that others cannot. 


James also wanted to note that while has not an actually trained first responder, he has immediate family that is and he feels it's just in his blood.  He has had to get out of his Jeep and literally swim over to the second stories of flooded homes to save stranded victims who are not only petrified, but overflowing with gratitude.  James also noted that while it is terrible to see the devastation people have been forced to endure, it feels great to see the community coming together so well during this trying time.

Almost 200,000 homes have been affected by the wrath of Hurricane Harvey according to the Texas Division of Emergency Management.  They also added that this number is expected to increase.

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