Mother and Son Arrested at Walmart After Performing Karate and Getting Nude

If you think that you have heard it all, then read this. Some crazy rumble happened at Wisconsin's Walmart, and the culprits are 46 years woman, her 25 years old son and their dog named Bo.

We are not sure what were the intentions of this crazy trio when they did step their foot (or in case of their dog Bo – a claw) in this Eau Claire Walmart. But we do know what happened later, and this one could be actually some scenario for short comedy, if it wasn't real.

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46 year old Lisa entered local Walmart with her son and unleashed dog, that started to make some mess around the shop. Just like his owner, Lisa, that also wasn't so good-tempered and instead of behaving like customer should have, she started to dismantle store displays and putting them into her shopping cart. When they were both asked to leave the shop, Lisa supposedly complied and left the store, calling for her dog and standing near the entrance door. However, when police came, she started to practice some karate on police car and tried to break its window. Meanwhile, the dog took bag of Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix, like the best trophy he could ever get.

But that's not the end of the story. Walmart employees caught few minutes later Lisa's son, 25 year old Benny Vann with brand-new set of clothes straight from Walmart's stand, already on his body. He liked them so much, that he "forgot" to pay for them, heading rapidly to exit without paying. Before doing so though, he performed some strip tease that was caught by the other people and CCTV cameras.

Both Lisa and Benn were arrested for lewd, lascivious behavior, retail theft and disorderly conduct. Eau Claire Police was much more merciful though for family's dog, Bo, and released him with "just one warning for the theft", like Police Department said later on Facebook.

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What do you think about this story? Wouldn't it be a great example and inspiration for all these "Walmart people" memes, that flooded Internet in recent years?

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