Mother claims United flight attendant forced her to urinate in a cup

It's common knowledge that when traveling on a plane you are required by law to be in your seat and stay seated with your seat belt fastened while the plane is taking off and landing. It's for your own safety. This has been a law for years and that's just how planes work.

That was until this lady who peed in a cup thought the plane and the world revolved around her.

Nicole Harper must have felt like this law did not appeal to her. She used her overactive bladder as an excuse to accuse the airline for not allowing her to use the bathroom. She's acting as though the airline forced her tor urinate into a cup.


While I'm sure it would have been OK for her to stand up and use the bathroom, that's just not how the laws of the air work. If we start bending the laws for one person today, then weeks, months, or years from now there will be college keg parties during takeoff and landing and I'm sure that won't be safe for anyone.

In the time she would have been on the plane taking her journey she more than likely could have used the bathroom a handful of times before being required to sit down at the required time the law states, which is during the takeoff/landing of a flight. Put the seat belt on a little too hard and she might even wet the seat!


Nicole Harper, who says she suffers from an overactive bladder, was traveling from Houston back home to Kansas City, Mo. on April 10.

Harper says she attempted to make her way to the restroom multiple times but was continuously told to stay seated.

"They very rudely [said] that I was not allowed to get out of my seat and at that point I said `well I`m either going to need to go to the bathroom or you`re going to have to give me a cup to pee in or something,'" she said.

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Shockingly, Harper says, the attendant then handed her two cups. While she was still seated, Harper proceeded to relieve herself surrounded by other passengers.

United says that the plane had already started its final descent and, per FAA regulations, crew members had already instructed all passengers to remain seated for the duration of the flight. 

It seems like Nicole Harper felt that because she suffers from an overactive bladder, that certain rules do not apply to her, and in which case she tried her hand at getting up when she should have been seated for her own safety.

Did she possibly do this to give her a reason to file a lawsuit against the airline? 

United Airlines has been in the news a lot recently. One story that sticks out involves the Asian, Dr. Dao, who was dragged off the airplane after the flight had been overbooked. Could this have been Nicole's excuse to throw accusations around and try and cash in after others have had problems with United Airlines? Did she do this because she heard about Dr. Dao settling a lawsuit for an unknown amount of money?

Rules are put in place to ensure the safety of all passengers and they must be followed at all times. In this instance it would seem that Nicole chose to not abide by the rules and used her overactive bladder as the excuse before making a suggestion to use a cup to which was the only other alternative the airline could give her after starting the final descent.

Of course, she used the cup and filled it with urine and then it seems like she claimed that the airline forced her to do so. I'm sure the flight attendant didn't pull her pants down and hold the cup. Perhaps if the woman had a medical note from a doctor, for her overactive bladder, then maybe that would have worked. But I doubt it. Who gives a note for that unless it's for a kid in grade school?

"The more that people speak out about situations that have happened and being mistreated that hopefully there will be a shift in a way that these companies do business," she said.

 The above quote voices Nicole's way of thinking which could mean that she may have purposely attempted to use the bathroom when the plane was making it's final descent in an attempt to make the airline look bad. It's United. They have looked really bad recently and that's plenty of reason to give her motive to target them.

It's possible for anyone to be able to make things look worse than they are, especially towards a company that already looks bad because of previous situations that recently occurred. Things like this could lead people to easily believe a woman who says she was made to urinate into a cup. It's a story that would make anyone feel sorry for a woman who was made to feel embarrassed like that and it will certainly go viral when people read it. This is something people either laugh at or get irritated at when they share it on social media.

Hopefully this gets resolved without any further problems for United Airlines. They really do NOT need any further backlash from unsatisfied customers.

I'm sure the head of their company is really pissed off right now, no pun intended.

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