MSNBC host, guest appear to politicize coronavirus outbreak against Trump

During a segment on MSNBC's "Deadline: White House" program Friday, former George W. Bush official and program host Nicolle Wallace and Princeton professor Eddie Glaude discussed President Donald Trump's handling of the coronavirus outbreak.

Both were critical of how the president has handled the situation thus far, with Wallace appearing to insinuate that Trump's actions have been substandard and akin to her former boss' bad handling of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, as well as other issues during his two terms.

Also, Glaude appears to indicate that the virus outbreak is a political opportunity for Democrats vying to unseat Trump in November.

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“I was thinking in terms of politics, right. We talked about the business community finally not kind of sticking with Donald Trump. But this may be and I should mention this with a little trepidation but this may be Donald Trump's Katrina,” Glaude said.

Immediately thereafter, Wallace responded, "Yeah...Let's just lean into that for a minute. Katrina was the moment when all the things that felt incompetent about the Bush presidency, the appoint of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court. The botched attempt to pass Social Security privatization, I mean I lived it, I can go through the whole list, were realized."

Wallace then said that the Bush administration's handling of Katrina gave Democrats "a proof point that we were indeed, incompetent. And also people died."

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She then appeared to link the storm to the current coronavirus outbreak and Trump. "I mean this has the makings structurally of the same kind of moment," she said.

Glaude then suggested that a lot of coronavirus deaths could "shake" away Trump's core supporters. 

"If there was any moment that would shake that 40%, the folks who would allow him to shoot someone down someone on fifth -- if theres any a moment, its this one. because it's old people its babies, its friends, its young people, its grandparents. It's your Nana," he said.

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