In early 2017, Robert Mueller started an investigation regarding Donald Trump and his involvement with the Russians that might have interfered with the presidential elections in 2016. As the investigation moved on, Mueller managed to find out that a few of Trump’s advisors were also involved in the scenario, and thus he assembled a team to further investigate the situation. Just recently, Robert Mueller received Donald Trump’s financial records from Deutsche Bank, a bank known to be Trump’s biggest lander which could be a big lead on the situation that is under investigation.

The main reason the financial records have been handed out by the bank is that the bank received a subpoena. The subpoena targeted Trump and his family since it is known that the Deutsche Bank is also a lender to his son in law. However, the information was later changed that the president is not involved in anything that would be considered illegal or controversial.

When the information about the subpoena was out in the open, Trump’s attorney Jay Sekulow denied about it ever existed and that it has been checked out with the bank, which turns out to be false. This only puts a bigger question mark on the whole situation. So far Mueller’s decision to look for the income of Trump’s money during the campaign has paid off,  and it will not take too long to see if the Russians are involved with Trump.

Trump had some issues regarding debts in the past with The German Bank that sued him in 2008 because he refused to pay a portion of the 640 million USD real estate loan. This matter was decided in 2010, just before Trump started to do private business with the Deutsche Bank, making new loans despite the status of his bankrupt companies that failed to make him a loan from the Wall Street banks in the first place.

Since Robert Mueller just recently got the private records, it will take some time to investigate them completely. They will dig, dig, and dig some more, but they will continuously come up empty as they search for signs of collusion.

Too bad there is no collusion and the left constantly begs for a story to happen.

Source: theguardian,