My First Experience With A Ghost Was Just The Beginning

My first experience with the super natural involved seeing a ghost of my mother walk by, yet she wasn't even in the house. It was a time I can recall like it just happened, sending shivers down every hair in my body and every bit of bone in my spine. I froze when it happened because I knew everything I saw was real, but there was no one there to see it. Just me and it, whatever or whomever it was, but it was dressed like my mother who was still alive.

It was daytime. I was a teenager at about 16 or 17 and sitting in the room of my old house in Feasterville, PA. I had moved there a few years ago when my mother divorced and remarried. I hadn't seen anything out of the ordinary since being there for a few years, but that was about to change. It was a dark time in my life, a time marred by divorce, switching schools, and not seeing my friends as much as I desired. That meant a lot of sitting around in my room, playing on a computer, listening to music, and drawing old graffiti pictures in a black book used by artists. I was doing one of three things. Either standing around fiddling with the tape deck of my stereo, using AOL on the computer, or sitting on my bed drawing. No matter where I was in the room, I had a view of the door as needed. It was a very small bedroom and it was hard to miss anyone walk by the room where I always left my door open. 

That's when it drifted by in what looked like a white nightgown of some sorts - essentially a flimsy long t-shirt looking thing that my mom usually slept in. It was just plain-Jane clothes, nothing fancy, and I don't even know if it's called a nightgown - but it's something you couldn't mistake. If someone had asked me what she was wearing, I'd say a big white t-shirt looking thing that looks like pajamas. 

I called out towards it something like "Mom" or "Hey Mom" and she ignored me. I don't remember what my question was, but there I was covered in zits being ignored by my own Mom and the first thing my rebellious teen attitude said in my head was "that bitch" as I wondered what the point of ignoring me was. And as she drifted by, I went after her. My bedroom was at the top of the steps, so I could hear if she was going down the steps and call out to her again and she would definitely hear me. I walked out to the hallway and looked down the steps to gather her attention for whatever my needy teen self needed but she wasn't there. I'm a fast walking person and I didn't have far to go. I know for a fact she didn't get down the steps that fast. I walked downstairs and into the kitchen to the right. She's nowhere. She wasn't in the living room, dining room, or anything. I look outside through the sliding glass doors in the kitchen and she's in the back of the yard doing something.

That's when I got the most legitimate spine tingling feeling in my life. I felt it through my brain, my feet, my legs, my arms, my body. There is no possible way I could explain this. She was outside wearing shorts and a t-shirt that was not white. Nothing she had on was white. Besides that, the sliding doors in the kitchen were heavy and loud. They were a bit older so they made a very hard sliding sound when opened. I remember precisely as I walked down the steps after her that there was not ever a sound of a sliding door. Even if by some small chance she was wearing a white shirt over the other clothes, and somehow managed to slide the big noisy door open as quiet as a mouse, you'd still have to ask how she got to the other side of the yard. The yard was kinda big as it featured an in-ground pool, some trees, and some grassy areas. There was no way possible that this woman physically ignored me, opened the noisy door, changed clothes, and made it to the other end of the yard where it looked like she was doing work.

I was freaked out. Legitimately freaked out and I walked outside, through that big noisy door and went right up to her in the back of the yard and asked her if she just walked by my room before coming out here. She said no and that she had been outside for like an hour or so.

She wasn't wearing white. She wasn't even in the house. I watched a ghost drift by me and I don't even know how to explain it any further.

I tell people that story and people often look at me funny as if it's not true, but it is. It was very bizarre.

Years later my brother's and sister had strange experiences in the home. One brother woke up in the middle of the night and saw a body hovering over our other brother who was sleeping. He said he was too scared to scream or say anything to wake him up so he closed his eyes and it was over. It could've been a dream, but he swears it was not. Considering what happened to me and what happened next to our other brother and sister - this should be believed as well. 

The other brother, the one who had the ghost body hovering over him was visiting our sister when she was a little kid. Our sister was there with her babysitter and my brother. The three of them were sitting around doing whatever in the house, probably playing a game with her and they all heard the same sound at the same time. It was the sound of an old typewriter. There was not a single typewriter in the house, but they kept hearing the buttons stroke the paper and make that very sound of a letter being typed.

The babysitter ran up stairs and started praying to Jesus. She was a woman from the South and she wasn't playing around. She wanted Jesus right then and there. My brother grabbed a baseball bat from the coat closet where the gloves and sports things were. He looked all over the house. Nothing. Meanwhile the sister sat there likely crying, wondering who's typing a letter and why is it in the house. It made no sense. This was at least 20 years ago and we didn't have any blue tooth equipment, no stereos were on, no television was on. Nothing but the sound of a letter being typed as if it was the scene in a strange 1920's movie. A static filled sound of keys tapping paper clouded the room while they all freaked out in different ways, but there was no answer for it. Still to this day it's a mystery.

Strange things happened in that home and we cannot explain them.

I've accepted the fact that I've seen a ghost. It was real and it freaked me out for a very long time.

The picture attached to this story is for illustration purposes only. The picture is the closest thing I could find that resembled what I saw that day it drifted by.

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