Restaurant instantly famous after adding ‘My Girlfriend is Not Hungry’ to menu

Have you ever been at your favorite restaurant with a girl who was on a diet or she was pretending not to be hungry only to devour the french fries you’ve ordered for yourself minutes later?

Well, the diner Mama D in North Little Rock, Arkansas, has found a genius solution to avoid this common couple problem.


In the menu, along with the different side dishes available, the staff has put the option “My Girlfriend is Not Hungry”: for $4.25, the male partner receives extra french fries and chicken wings or fried cheese sticks, so the girl can munch on his food even if she claimed not to be hungry.

But the most surprising thing is that this “couple-friendly” idea has quickly gone viral: after the customer Nick Chisler shared a photo of the menu on his Facebook wall, it drove the social media crazy!

On Twitter, an user commented “Whoever restaurant that is with the ‘my girlfriend is not hungry’ option is genius.” A woman, instead, objected “I am not the girlfriend who says, ‘I’m not hungry’ and then eat my man’s food. I’m hungry, give me all the chicken waanngs!”


Mama D’s unusual menu option has attracted the attention of renowned national media outlets, giving plenty of visibility to the restaurant.

It's important to mention that this restaurant is not the first to do it. In fact, there was a meme going around on the Internet for years before this restaurant gained a little bit of fame for it.

You can see that meme here on this link.

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