Naked Man Arrested At Planet Fitness Thought It Was 'No Judgement Zone'

Eric Stagno, 34, was arrested in a calm fashion without incident and charged with indecent exposure, disorderly conduct and lewdness after the police were called to a crowded gym in Plaistow, New Hampshire, according to police reports. He stripped naked and started working out, and while being arrested by the police, he referenced a long-standing slogan of Planet Fitness that says this is a "judgment-free zone"

The eye-witness reports say that the naked man walked back and forth a couple of times and then started doing poses on his knees on a yoga mat.

Eric Stagno is free on bail, is scheduled for hearing on September 21 in Plaistow District Court, and was not available for comment at that time. Planet Fitness was also not available for comment, as the reason why this man took off his clothes at the front desk and exercised naked on Sunday still remains a mystery.

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People that saw Stagno's naked exercises reported feeling "sick", "unsafe", "disgusted", and that this uncensored act should be addressed strictly by the law and maybe some psychological help for the man in question.

He was released on $1000 bail, to low a bail price for some people, but his hearing in three months will have him in front of an audience where the judge will hear his case and make a law-enforced judgment on the matter.

The question is, was this man just trying to send some kind of weird message to the people that run Planet Fitness, was he just trying to get some clout from all of this, or does he just have a problem mentally and is in dire need of some professional help.

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Truly a peculiar situation and the only thing left to say is to the owners of Planet Fitness, don't make slogans that are easy to interpret wrong, and these kinds of things won't happen again.

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