Naked man arrested told cops he was on ‘tons and tons and tons and tons and tons of acid’

Bad news came for a Wisconsin man on tons and tons of acid after he got naked and decided to get himself arrested! He was running around a parking lot with no clothes on, telling the police officers how much drugs he was on. Onlookers might have caught quite a spectacle that day, but it certainly ended up in arrest, that's for sure.

As reported on Twin Cities, the "La Crosse Tribune reports that police received a complaint during the early morning hours of June 29 of a man running around naked and yelling incoherently.

Police found the 29-year-old in a parking lot on the city’s north side. Asked why he was running around naked, the man said “oh, that’s what all those drugs are for” and “what’s wrong with being a heroin addict?”

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Police asked him what he’d taken and he responded “tons and tons and tons and tons and tons of acid.”

The man was arrested for lewd and lascivious behavior and also disorderly conduct.

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