Nancy Pelosi offered $1 for Trump's border wall, Air Force vet shows up to collect it


Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi offered a one dollar donation to Trump's border wall and Air Force veteran Brian Kolfage showed up to collect it. Kolfage is a triple-amputee who started one of the biggest Go Fund Me campaigns in history, raising over $19 million for Trump's border wall thanks to donations from over 320,000 people.

When Pelosi joked around about the donation, she didn't expect anyone to come collect it. Think again. Someone certainly showed up.She previously said, according to the Daily Wire.

"A dollar?" she said, looking confused as reporters laughed. "A dollar? One dollar?" she said, holding up her index finger and mugging for the camera. "Yeah, one dollar."

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Kolfage didn't care if it was one dollar or one thousand dollars, he still showed up to collect the donation that she offered.

He stated in a video by the Daily Caller:

"We are going to meet with Nancy Pelosi to collect our one dollar that she said she was going to give toward Trump's border wall, " Brian Kolfage says in a Daily Caller video as he rolls along in his wheelchair.
"I highly doubt she expected anyone to kind of take her serious and call her out on it, but we're going to see if she'll fess up and give us her buck."
"We're taking one dollar at a time to build that wall," he said. In fact, Kolfage's campaign has raised $19,294,995 of a $1 billion goal from 319,896 people in 20 days.

The video shows him being asked his name by one of Pelosi's aides. He then yells for Pelosi to come out of her office.

"Come out, Nancy," he said.

Some other Pelosi aide comes out and says  "She's not here right now." 

They tell the aide why they're there, and they act like it's a joke, saying "you were here and looking for that." 

Kolfage responded with the following, "They acted like it was some big joke. She's hiding in her closet trying to avoid us."

Pelosi would have been more likable if she walked out, spoke with Kolfage about things, and donated the $1 that she promised. Or she could have kept her dollar. Either way, the dollar doesn't matter. What matters is that she wasn't willing to talk to someone who traveled to see her.

They want transparency, but they won't talk to people. Is that how things work?

Watch the video and enjoy it for yourself.