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Naval Hospital Worker Calls Newborns Satan, Makes them Dance like Puppets

A couple of Navy corpsmen at The Naval Hospital of Jacksonville, FL Naval hospital have been exposed for doing disturbing things to newborn babies.  The corpsmen posted videos and images of themselves on Snapchat making babies dance to music and using them like human puppets.  One photo showed the corpsman giving a newborn the middle finger with a caption saying this is her current mood when it comes to the "baby Satans" which referred to the newborn. 

The woman who exposed the two female culprits caught a lot of flack on Facebook from a bunch of people calling her a snitch and that she is overreacting over the dark sense of humor the employees have.  But don't lose fait in humanity just yet.  The overwhelming majority of people were as outraged as any normal human being and the story quickly went viral which eventually lead to the Navy Surgeon General, Vice Admiral Forrest Faison to post a statement that he applauds those who reported the inappropriate baby photos.

Vice Admiral Faison's statement said that the two women (not actual nurses, contrary to many reports) were acting in a manner inconsistent with the Navy's core values of honor, courage and commitment as well as other oaths that sailors in the medical field take.

Faison went on to state that he is ordering all medical commands in the US Navy to review their oaths, standards, dedication and policies regarding use of cell phones.  Further, and perhaps more oddly, Faison said that he will ensure there are no more photos like the ones exposed and the ones that he does find he will have them stricken from the Internet.

Say what?  Did that Vice Admiral just basically say that he doesn't want the world to know that his charges act a certain way and any evidence to make the Navy look bad will be met with the full force of the Naval forces censorship?  When I read this statement, I didn't feel like he was saying these type of photos and video would be removed because they were disgusting, but more because they make the Navy look bad and that Faison was willing to bend over backwards to ensure the Navy does not look bad.  I hope that's not what he was implying, but it looks like he was. Not only that, but once a photo is on the Internet and people have a copy, then it's there forever. It's nearly impossible to make a picture go away. Usually when people try to take photos off the Internet, there's always a pocket of people who share them ten times more.


The Vice Admiral admired the people who reported the incidents for being proactive and not silent, but someone should remind him that the Internet doesn't forget. It's like the living treasure chest of memories that no one can forget.

The two Navy corpsmen have been identified and removed from their positions and are undergoing an investigation which will apply the laws of the United States Code of Military Justice, AKA the UCMJ.

They should be lucky to not have been thrown off an aircraft carrier, because I can only imagine what would happen once the parents of these little babies finds out.


The middle finger picture isn't that bad because there's no abusive behavior happening to the infant. Making newborns dance to music might tread the line of borderline abuse of their position and carelessly treating infants. We trust our employees in hospitals to care for babies like they would care for their own kids.

I don't know if I agree with them being fired, but perhaps a week or two off without pay to make the burn sting a little bit. Teach them a lesson, let them improve their attitude, and go from there.

Or, should there be an absolutely no tolerance zone when it comes to this? If they did THAT to infants, then what's next?

I'll let you decide.

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