Navy SEAL found NOT guilty in murder of ISIS fighter

It's been a gruesome two-week trial for a decorated Navy SEAL who was found NOT guilty of murdering an ISIS fighter in Iraq, but Special Operations Chief Edward Gallagher will still be charged for posing in photographs near a deceased war casualty.

His crime of posing next to a corpse is only a four month sentence as it's a violation of the Code of Conduct. However, he already spent six months in jail.

CBS News reports there was a six hour deliberation that included a seven person military jury and it showed the SEAL team was apparently divided among themselves during testimony.

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"Seven SEALs, including two who said they witnessed the act, accused Gallagher of repeatedly stabbing an injured teenage ISIS fighter in the neck and body while other members of the team were treating his wounds in May of  2017. He then allegedly posed in front of the corpse as part of a reenlistment ceremoy."

Gallagher's lawyer stated that the trial was somewhat of a mutiny in which the junior SEAL team members did not appreciate the demanding leadership style his client had.

The trial lasted only two weeks and one of the more intense moments is when another SEAL stated that they actually committed the murder, and not Gallagher.

It was "a stunning admission from a prosecution witness, Navy SEAL Corey Scott, who said he and not Gallagher, killed the injured teenage ISIS fighter. When the defense attorney asked Scott why, he replied, "I knew he would die anyway."
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CBS News continues, stating that "Prosecutor, Navy Cmdr. Jeff Pietrzyk said Gallagher's own words and photos proved his guilt. In a social media post, the SEAL is seen posing in front of the corpse with a message sent to his friends that said "good story behind this, got him with my hunting knife."

The suspect maintained their innocence throughout the duration of the trial and his wife, Andrea Gallagher, stepped up to say:

"This is not the way that we treat people in this country, especially a decorated war hero."

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