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NBC's Katy Tur on Trump event: 'It's one of the biggest rallies I've ever seen'

NBC's Katy Tur was present at Donald Trump's Hershey, PA rally this week and she was on camera saying "it's one of the biggest rallies I've ever seen." The rally reportedly had about 12,000 in attendance with thousands more outside and it was raining, so the scenery was likely dramatic.

Here she is on the very short 4 second video saying this about Trump's rally.

Now there's a few things to keep in mind here.

The first is that NBC hosts are sometimes critical of Trump, therefore some people consider them to be a more left leaning source. Take that as you will and make your own opinion of it.

Another thing to notice is that she's there, at a Trump rally, from an allegedly left leaning outlet, and she's doing perfectly fine. There's no one harassing her, she's just there doing her job while other people are around having a fun time.

There is literally no issues. I don't know if Katy Tur likes Trump or not, and it doesn't seem like anyone there actually cares one way or the other.


The other thing is this: Trump pulls big crowds of thousands while people like Elizabeth Warren are setting up in local bowling alleys when it's not league night.

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