Hero Or Murderer? Neighbor Kills Man Who Was Drowning Twin Babies


Cash Freeman shot and killed his neighbor who was drowning his own 3-month-old twins. He came to the aid of a hysterical 12-year-old girl who escaped from the house of Leland Foster, the man who tried drowning the twin babies.

She ran to get help and that's when Freeman armed himself with a handgun and went to Foster's home. He went over and saw Leland Foster holding his twin infants underwater in a bathtub while threatening his wife with a knife. With little hesitation, Freeman exhausted two rounds from his gun into the back of Foster who was then killed and the twin babies and wife were saved from injury or worse.

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Police questioned Freeman, then released him, and the kids were taken to the hospital in stable condition.

Freeman’s fate will be determined by the District Attorney's office. Was the killing of Leland Foster justified or was his life taken in cold blooded murder?

An Oklahoma man who was trying to drown his twin 3-month-old children was shot and killed by a neighbor Friday, police said.

City of Ada spokeswoman Lisa Bratcher told reporters that Leland Foster, 27, of Poteau, died from gunshot wounds after a 12-year-old girl ran from the home and alerted a neighbor for help.

Bratcher said the neighbor, identified as Cash Freeman, told police he went to the home armed with a handgun and shot Foster twice after seeing him holding the infants under water in a bathtub while threatening the children’s mother with a knife.

According to KFOR-TV, Freeman shot Foster twice in the back.

Bratcher said the children were taken to the hospital in stable condition and the neighbor was questioned and released by police.

I believe that Freeman should not be punished for his actions. What would've happened if he did not show up? Maybe Foster would have killed his whole family and then himself. Maybe he would have stopped and felt remorse. The truth of the matter is that Foster was a monster. People are normally good at heart, but this man was certainly not. There was a sick horrible evil inside this man who tried to murder twin babies while threatening his wife with a blade.

Freeman took someone's life in order to save three others from losing theirs. That will stay with him forever and could be a punishment in itself.

“Foster had been charged in 2011 with domestic abuse by strangulation and arson, KFOR-TV reported.”

Foster has a criminal history and seemed like a violent and sick man. He had past charges of domestic abuse and strangling someone. Strangling is a slow torturous act of pure hatred.

This is one of those situations where there is not always a black or white answer. Is murder wrong? You bet it is. Can we justify taking the life of a dirtbag criminal to save two babies and a mother? You betcha!