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New photos reveal Bill Clinton was on Epstein jet with victim-finder and services 'slave'

These are photos that Bill Clinton may not want people to see. They were obtained exclusively by The Sun publication and have heads turning and comment sections going wild. The photos show the former president on what appears to be a private Jeffery Epstein jet.

Clinton is in the picture with the infamous Ghislaine Maxwell, who many consider to be Epstein's 'victim-finder' - or in other words, P-I-M-P.

Also on the plane, according to the article posted on The Sun, was an alleged victim who people refer to as a s-x slave for Epstein. Her name is Chaunta Davies. She is now a 40-year-old woman living her own life, but apparently she gave this story about a trip to Africa for humanitarian causes - but of course, it was on Epstein's jet and Bill Clinton was there with them.

One of the disturbing details from the story is that they made a young girl wear a pilot costume so she looked more professional.

More of the pics were on this tweet and article.

James Beal from The Sun wrote:


In another image he has his arm round Epstein's personal masseuse and s-x slave Chauntae Davies - who had been ordered to wear a 'pilot' shirt to look professional.

Other never-seen-before images show Clinton traveling on the infamous Boeing 727 jet while playing cards and chomping on a cigar.

Now, for the first time, Chauntae Davies has revealed the extraordinary details of Clinton's long distance flight to Africa with Maxwell and a number of other celebrities.


The star-studded group – which included actors Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker – visited Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, Mozambique, Johannesburg and Cape Town in a five-day humanitarian trip.

There is no suggestion Clinton, Spacey, 60, or Tucker, 48, did anything wrong during the tour, or knew of Maxwell's alleged activities on Epstein's behalf, or the abuse Chauntae suffered at his hands.

However, it will further raise concerns about how some of the world's most famous and powerful people were drawn into Epstein's circle at a time when he was committing horrific s-x crimes.

Spacey has his own problems and allegations that aren't that much different than what Epstein was accused of.

Chris Tucker wasn't ever involved in anything like this, that we know of, so it makes sense that the report suggests he was not aware. Maybe he wasn't in the "in" crowd when it came to the things Epstein was accused of.

Now we shall wait and see if Bill Clinton responds to the story. What will he say about the accusations?

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