New York Banned unvaccinated kids from school and Anti-Vax parents are mad

The anti-vax parents of New York are expressing their rage through memes and tweets showing their sad children as an act of protest after Governor Andrew Cuomo's new law that prohibits unvaccinated kids from attending school. 

According to an official publication from the New York Department of Health, Office of Children and Family Services and the State Education Department gave details of this mandate that “prohibits a school from permitting any child to be admitted to such school, or to attend such school, in excess of 14 days without sufficient evidence that the child has received all age-appropriate required vaccinations”.

In addition to that, the 14-day grace periods will expire this week. If the students are not vaccinated by them, school officials will bar the students from going to class and will begin removing them from the schools.

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In an interview with Buzzfeed News, State Health Officials informed that 26,217 unvaccinated New York children attend public, private, parochial schools, daycare centers, and prekindergarten programs citing religious exceptions. This data comes from a statistic taken from 2017-2018. New York officials have ended the religious exemptions for vaccines this June due to the worst measles outbreak the state experienced after decades of not having any. 


The misinformation on vaccines causing autism is what anti-vax parents keep on citing, despite it being debunked repeatedly with the doctor who did the false study being stripped of his license. 

While Governor Cuomo respects the freedom of religion, the public health threat outweighs anti-vax parents and their emotions. The New York Health Department backs NYC governor, saying that the immunizations are for the protection of these children. It is proven to be safe and effective. 


Some anti-vax parents are already protesting outside schools while others are going for homeschooling. Don't forget the parents tweeting about it. The government is adamant in enforcing this not only to stop another measles outbreak but also polio and mumps. Also, there's chickenpox. Basically, all childhood diseases you can prevent. 

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