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1-2+ million users per month.

Mostly USA visitors.

Right wing audience.

70% mobile users.

Alexa rank


Advertising rates

Sponsored Article

$500 per article. You give us a topic and we write the story for it. We link to your product, social media, pictures/videos, inside the article. We will only do this if we believe our users will enjoy your product.

Banner ads

$3,000 per month for the in article ad (image or text link ad).

$3,000 per month for under comments ad (image, text link, or native ad).

$6,000 per month for video ad (image ad).

$10,000 for full site ads. We remove all other ad companies and you occupy each ad position.  Buy 3 months up front and get a discount.

Please note: I am not interested in testing your ad network. I am very happy with my ad companies and only entertain up front ad purchases which allow me to quickly reinvest in development, content creation, and marketing.

Any guaranteed rates of $10 CPM or higher will be considered.

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