NFL Ratings Dropped So Bad, Now They're Paying for It

Disrespectful protests of the National Anthem and the American Flag rich and famous NFL players is contributing to a decline in NFL ratings, causing lost profits.  The television networks that rely on ad sales during NFL games have reportedly noticed sharp decreases in viewership, which essentially hits them in the wallet as they have to compensate advertisers who do not receive their contracted number of views upon the ads. In other words - people are paying for ads, but they're not getting what they paid for because some people have stopped watching the games.

NBC's NFL revenue took a 17% hit, CBS 16% and Fox seeing a whopping 34% plunge in its revenue. Those aren't numbers that you can play around with if you're talking about millions of dollars. If anyone reading this lost 16% of their paycheck, then would you be happy?

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These compensations that networks must dish out to advertisers are called  "makegoods." The makegoods are wiping out huge profits for the networks.  NBC and CBS, for example, had to give away 20% of its airtime in makegoods to meet the viewership promises to advertisers which is a tremendous downturn from last years dip of only 5-11%.

Industry experts are scrambling to come up with a full range of reasons this steep decline is happening.  They blame it on things such as the devastating hurricanes that disallowed Floridians and Texans to tune in to games, to the No Fun League's shutting down touchdown celebrations and somehow, to a lesser extent, the national anthem protests.

I've got news for you TV honchos.  It's almost entirely due to the National Anthem protests.  Is it that hard to accept it?  Or is it so hard to accept that you you would actually have to get tough and impose binding restrictions on these displays by pseudo-traitors?

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The NFL is oddly baffled by the decline that everyone else seems to clearly understand that they think toying with the ad placements and frequency might be the answer. Do they not check social media or talk to any real non-millionaire humans and see that people are fed up with the disrespectful protests by rich overpaid athletes who couldn't tell oppression if it smacked them in the face and spelled it out for them.

I've seen many lifelong friends and acquaintances completely denounce their team on social media. These are people who've been acting like a #1 fan before, during, and after every game. These people are the last people I thought would ever abandon their team for any reason short of actually shooting fans in the face from the 50 yard line with a bazooka.  They're done.  They don't care about football anymore in any way, shape or form. They're tired of politics being mixed into sports and entertainment. They're tired of being disrespected by anti-American protests. They're tired of being slapped in the hypothetical face by whiny, rich, privileged millionaire athletes.

But let's not be all doom and gloom about the NFL protesters.  It turns out that some ratings have gone up more than 30% for the NFL!  Yes! Score one for the NFL! Wait. The ratings spikes are only for the pre-game shows, you know, like the National Anthem part.  People can't wait to see what ungrateful punks take a knee so they can tick off another player's name to the list of reasons why they will not support the NFL.

Personally, I'm sitting here typing away, but I am also sitting back and taking some semblance of joy watching the NFL hemorrhage money due to their lack of understanding their own turmoil which they enable.

At some point the players and owners will lose so much money that they might start raising ridiculous stadium prices and screw over the fans even more.

Think about it folks - we're suckers being taken by the man.

Why do football players need millions of dollars when us hardworking folks can barely pay our rent and we're being charged $8+ for a tiny beer?

Talk about screwing over the fan - the NFL screws us every time we watch their sport. We should've boycotted a long time ago!

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