NFL Sells Out and gives Racist Players 'Social Justice' Money

The NFL is scraping the bottom of the embarrassment barrel to attempt saving its league from falling apart at the hands of disrespected Americans. Instead of doing what's right and enforcing a rule that requires athletes to stand for the National Anthem, the NFL disrespected Americans once again. The NFL just gave every racist anti-America National Anthem protester a payday as it announced to give players $89 million to spend on social justice issues.

The money will be spent over a seven-year period and does not include any language that requires the protesting players to stop protesting and start acting like adults. In theory, the protesters could take the money and still protest, which means it's pointless for the NFL to offer them anything at all. In fact, the NFL should do the complete opposite and begin taking money from players when their protests are a direct reason for the lack of attendance and dwindling ratings that the league is suffering this year. 

Breitbart reports:

The agreement may have been fast-tracked because of reports that appeared saying that the player’s coalition had begun unraveling as some of the more radical players had reportedly become dissatisfied with the negotiations and agreements made by their representatives, Malcolm Jenkins (Philadelphia Eagles) and Anquan Boldin (retired).

Earlier reports found that some of the groups set to receive portions of the NFL’s hush money include avowed communist Van Jones’ Dream Corps, which includes so-called “green energy” boosters Green For All, and numerous groups sponsored by hardcore leftist billionaire George Soros.

In addition, a group of two NFL staff members and five players will frequently meet to review new causes that might become beneficiaries of the league’s “social justice” fund.

Fans are boycotting and teams will lose money if too many people stop watching or stay home. Fans are tired of being disrespected and they don't want social justice warriors or protests in their entertainment. Football is a form of entertainment. Protesting is fine, but this is not the platform for it. Fans pay good money to see a show, not a protest. 

Players should protest on their own time - not ours.

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