Roger Goodell's lame NFL wants to punish stadiums, and not let them host the Super Bowl, if they don't be more friendly to the liberal transgenders. I guess that means restructuring an entire stadium to squeeze a tranny bathroom in the building somewhere. 

Dumpster sounds good. When the tranny goes in, shut the lid and go back to your football game.

Why don't the transgenders just pee in parking lot between two big vehicles? All the drunk tail gating football fans do it, so the transgenders will fit right in.

Since when do transgender people go to football games anyway? I've seen some ugly Giants, Cowboys, and Redskins fans - but I didn't think they were transgender.

Roger Goodell sucks. He's probably a tranny if this is the liberal behavior he's acting up with now. He already took away fun touchdown celebrations and now this?

One day the NFL will be all transgender players with flags on their hips because they don't want to get their d*cks broke.

Thank goodness there's people like Governor Greg Abbott who doesn't give a rats ass. He doesn't care about the whole five transgender people in Texas. I wouldn't either. Screw the transgenders. Majority rules, so pee where you're supposed to and shut up.

NFL decision makers also benched Tom Brady last season. It ended with NFL handing the Super Bowl trophy to Brady.

— Greg Abbott (@GregAbbott_TX) February 11, 2017


The NFL is threatening to punish the state of Texas unless they follow the far more liberal standards the league has on transgender rights, and Governor Abbott is responding much like most people would expect a Texan to.

He laid out his response to the NFL in a tweet Saturday.

Abbot seems to compare the plight of Texas to that of Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady, whom the league punished by banning for four games of the season. The team won the Superbowl despite the setback, and Abbott clearly means to challenge the punishment of the league on Texas and win anyway, just like Brady.

We don’t want men in the women’s room because that's how women get raped and creeps take pictures of girls when the pee.

No one wants guys in the girls room. NO NO NO.

Stop with this fake transgender BULLSH*T.

There's only two identities, one for each nipple I have, and I have both.

Your scientific gender is decided at birth and you're either male or female.

If you want to dress up as something else, then be my guest! Just don't expect anyone to build a special bathroom for you.

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