Nicki Minaj asked fans to show college report cards and paid their tuition

Nicki Minaj has set out to help youngsters who want to pursue their dreams and reach their career goals as long as they can show her A's and she had confirmation from their school. Minaj was not kidding when she said she would do this. People began Tweeting her for help and she replied asking for their details or how much they needed.

Within one evening Nicki Minaj had helped around 30 people who needed financial support with student fees and has promised to help more at a later date.

The amount of stress that was alleviated from those 30 people is so cool and overwhelming.


So many students were going to school and working multiple jobs just to afford their tuition. Working and going to school is part of life, but it's also very stressful and tiring. It's nice to get a little bump from a celebrity.

Stress can be linked to failing, anxiety, and depression. Minaj's good deed may have helped remove a stressful burden to help the out.


the award-winning rapper was on Twitter telling her fans that she would pay international airfare for contest winners (who would get to spend time with her at the Billboard music awards in Las Vegas) when a US student popped an important question: “Well you wanna pay for my tuition?” Surprisingly, Nicki not only agreed but she also extended the offer to her other fans in need! The only catch was that Minaj needed verification of 4.0 GPAs and confirmation from their schools. Throughout the evening, the rapper helped a total of 30 current and former students with their college tuition, students loans, and other education-related fees. Plus, she promised to respond to more requests from fans in a month or two!

This is an absolutely amazing story with an wonderful outcome. Nicki Minaj saw this as an opportunity to use the money she earns from her career to help those in need. It's very rare to see celebrities spend money on fans like this. 

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In some cases some students needed thousands to help out with their tuition and Nicki Minaj didn't care. She still helped out a handful of people once they proved their grades were straight A's. She was very eager to to help the students and they are very lucky to get this extra support.

This proves that there is more to Nicki Minaj than just the raunchy clothes in her shows or lyrics in her music. Helping college students with tuition proves that she cares and has a heart away from her music.

What are your thoughts on Nicki Minaj helping students with their college tuition?

Could this spark a trend with other celebrities offering the same or something similar?

Can we convince celebrities to challenge each other to good deeds and pay it forward to their fans?


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