Like A BOSS!! Nikki Haley Cut $285 Million from UN Budget

This week UN ambassador Nikki Haley negotiated a 285 million dollar reduction to the bloated 5.4 billion dollar U.N. operations budget. This is a full 5% reduction for next years budget. Her responsibilities as U.N. Ambassador is to represent the US. She put the Global agency on notice that the generosity of the American citizens has a limit. The U.S. is the most significant single contributor; contributing 22% of the U.N. operations budget this is approximately 1.2 billion dollars for 2017-18 and 28.5% of the cost of peacekeeping operations, this is estimated at 6.8 billion dollars for the same period.

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In budget negotiations, she identified much-bloated management and support function in the organization and is promising to streamline more of the organization's wasteful areas. This budget cut came after the U.N. singled out the US for its decision to move our embassy to Jerusalem. She also told the U.N. the United States will remember how countries voted on the resolution to make the U.S.’s decision to move its embassy to Jerusalem null and void. Interfering with the U.S. exercising its sovereign rights. When it countries come to the U.S. for financial aid or ask for the US to use its influence to help; the U.S. will take into account how the countries voted on this issue. This is a particular case of the pen being mightier than the sword, especially when that pen is in the hand of the person writing the checks.

Haley let the world know the US did not appreciate them interfering with the decision to move our embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Out of 198 countries voting 128 voted for the resolution to make the US decision null and void. 35 countries abstained, and 21 were absent for the vote. The U.S, Israel and seven other countries voted against the resolution.

Haley stated in an address to the U.N. the U.S. will ignore and disregard the resolution. She also made it clear the U.S. will not allow any organization to interfere with the Sovereign Rights of the U.S.  In her address to the U.N after the vote she said “No vote in the United Nations is going to make any difference on that,” “But this vote will make a difference in how Americans look at the U.N. and how we look at countries that disrespect us at the U.N. And this vote will be remembered.

As a result of the actions of the US, Guatemala President Jimmy Morales announced Sunday on Facebook that they will move the embassy back to Jerusalem. Guatemala’s embassy was originally in Jerusalem until 1980 when UN Resolution 480 urged member countries to move their embassy to Tel Aviv.

The US abstained in the vote on this resolution.

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