Here's Why No Football Team Wants Colin Kaepernick

Former 49er's quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, gained national attention when he protested during the National Anthem by sitting and/or taking a knee during a football game. He's been the target of backlash ever since and now he can't find a team to sign him.

He's been a distraction for the 49ers and now he's a free agent searching for a job in the NFL, but it doesn't seem like anyone wants him. Not only does he come with negative attention from many America loving fans, but he also has another problem. He can't play anymore. He's mediocre at best, not much better than a third stringer at this point, and he comes with baggage.

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He also wants first rate starting quarterback paychecks, but he's not going to earn that from any pro NFL team.

Let's look at the reality of the situation.

If you were an NFL team owner, then here's a look at Colin Kaepernick's statistics over the last few years.

Kaepernick played for the 49ers from 2011-2016. He was backup for Alex Smith in 2011. He saw playing time in the playoffs in 2012 and 2013. The 49ers went to Super Bowl XLVII and lost to the Baltimore Ravens in 2012. Kaepernick played well, but couldn't pull out the victory.

2013 saw the 49ers lose to the Seattle Seahawks in the NFC Championship game. Again, he played decent enough to ALMOST make back-to-back Super Bowl appearances, but could not beat the Seahawks who eventually won the Super Bowl that year.

That was the end of Kaepernick's strong performances.

2014 He signed a fat deal for six years and $126 million, but the 49ers only went 8 and 8 and it was the first time the 49ers missed the playoffs in four years.

2015 saw Kaepernick lose his starting job to Blaine Gabbert. That happened in week 9 and Gabbert beat the Atlanta Falcons by one point. Kaepernick was done for the season and claimed an injury needed surgery. Or, he was not cool with losing a job to a horrible quarterback. He also expressed that he wanted to be traded.

2016 saw Kaepernick competing with Gabbert for the starting QB job, but Kaepernick lost the battle. Then Kaepernick ended up playing and didn't do too bad. He played about 12 games. His stats were just a bit over 2,200 passing yards, 16 throwing TD's, 4 picks, and almost 500 rushing yards and 2 running scores.

Those aren't bad stats, but they're not good stats either. That's just about 183 yards in the air per game. Elite quarterbacks are throwing at least 250-300 yards and 2-3 touchdowns per game. Kaepernick is is well under the elite performance stats for an NFL quarterback. He played decent that year, but that is NOT top notch starting QB performance. Some argue that his 500 rushing yards is worth looking at, but I would rather have a quarterback with 3,600 throwing yards and 24-30 touchdowns. He didn't run or score enough on the ground for it to really be worth mentioning. 49ers didn't make the playoffs. Kaepernick started in several games where the 49ers were destroyed in blowout scores. On one game, he threw for a total of FOUR yards and was replaced by Blaine Gabbert.

If you're just looking at his statistics in the last few years, then you have to wonder what kind of skills and leadership is still there. He played well enough to do well for two years, but then people figured him out. He's not an elite quarterback by any means and his skills have declined heavily since 2012. Once teams figure out the gimmick, then it's not really much of a threat to the defense and it's no longer a weapon for offense.

Here's what else you get with Colin Kaepernick, besides his need for all-pro money.

You get the epic distraction of how many fans are sick of him. You get the baggage of protesting against the National Anthem. You get negative press following someone who does attention seeking behavior, putting his needs before those of the team and the fans. Remember, football players basically work for the fans. If fans stop buying tickets, merchandise, and watching the team, then your team loses millions, if not more.

Why would any pro football team owner sign an average skilled quarterback who brings negative distractions to the team? Why would any team want Colin Kaepernick?

Some people say it's based on racism, but it's really about business. People who spend millions on a player want to see a return on their investment. Team owners don't want average players with baggage. Remember Terrell Owens? He was a drama queen, but he put up all-pro numbers all the time. He may have caused a few riffs and raffs, but he is one of the best wide receivers to ever play the game. He wasn't out getting arrested, he wasn't slapping girls around, and he wasn't out getting high. The man was a machine on the field and that's what mattered. Toss a few funny touchdown celebrations and standing on the Dallas star and you get RATINGS which is what NFL team owners want.

Kaepernick won't win many games. Kaepernick won't make your team ratings go up. Kaepernick simply brings nothing to the table anymore. If he wants to take third string money, then I'm sure he will easily find a job. But he's NOT getting starting quarterback money anymore. No chance. He had to compete with BLAINE GABBERT who is like throwing a helmet on a donkey and letting him play football.

Anyone who says Kaepernick doesn't have a job because of racism is quite frankly, really darn stupid. Johnny Manziel is a distraction who can't play football very well. He doesn't have a team either. Where are the people crying racism for him? How come everyone's not clamoring for Johnny Manziel to get signed by a team? Where's the protests and social justice for Johnny Football? He's distracting. He stinks? What kind of racism prevents him from getting the same job? None, because it's not a racism thing.

And can we all remind you that Kaepernick OPTED OUT OF HIS CONTRACT, which basically means he had a job and he quit.

He literally quit the only team who was willing to pay him. It was more like they were stuck paying him and honoring their contract. Kaepernick didn't honor his end of the contract. That's something else NFL owners need to worry about - when a guy signs up to play and won't play. That's called a quitter. People don't want quitters, distractions, basic skill players, or anything less than what they're paying for.

The NFL is a business, not a social justice babysitting club.

Colin quit the 49ers and now no team wants his average skill-set or his social justice baggage. Can you blame them?

After learning how he has average (at best) skills but wants starting QB money, learning how he opted out of his own contract, factoring in his money-losing baggage, and learning about how racism is NOT the reason why he doesn't have a job - can we finally shut up about Colin Kaepernick?

Maybe the Arena Football League is interested. They'll take just about anyone.

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