No Gun Laws Can Prevent an Evil Mass Shooting

Las Vegas just endured America's most deadly mass shooting, suffering mass casualties in what was a fun-loving country concert that turned into a maniac machine gun lone wolf shooting into a crowd from over 1,200 feet away, perched upon the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel. The mass shooting in Las Vegas happened while Jason Aldean was performing a concert at the Route 91 Harvest Festival, which is a three day party featuring country music. A lone wolf shooter named Stephen Paddock opened fire with automatic weapon, firing into the crowd, and creating a scene that one could only imagine seeing in a movie.

People ran from the area, heroes ran to the area, and authorities found the shooter dead in an apparent suicide in a hotel room, 32 floors up, at the Mandalay Bay. People who weren't there showed support on social media. Everyone from athletes, politicians, celebrities, and regular people showered the digital planet with support for everyone there. Not an ounce of racism, hate, or anything else but love, prayers, thoughts, etc. You know, the typical response that everyone posts on social media - the same "thoughts and prayers" messages that don't really do anything to help solve problems, but everyone feels good about themselves posting it.

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It's all part of the cycle of tragic events. Something bad happens and everyone posts on social media. That's fine and it's more than welcome. But then there's people like Hillary Clinton who walk on the graves of the deceased to use the tragedy to push a narrative about guns. It's always left wing people who do this too. They're always the first person to use a horrible event in which people lose their life to push a ridiculous narrative about gun laws. Let me give Hillary Clinton the facts - gun laws don't work. It's like the war on drugs. If it was meant to be won, then we wouldn't have doped up heroin addicts still zombie walking around like it's their job to look for their own brain. Laws on drugs don't work. Laws on guns don't work. They won't ever work. There's a really good reason that gun laws won't work and that's because bad people and criminals don't follow laws.

There is not one single gun law that would have prevent this evil mass shooting.

America could ban every gun in the country. America could collect every gun and melt them into a liquid. America can do whatever it wants with gun laws and it won't matter. If a criminal wants to get a gun and shoot up a concert - they will. If a criminal wants to get a gun and shoot up a school - they will. There is literally no amount of background checks that will ever matter. You want to know why? Because criminals get guns from other criminals or other ways of shady deals. There is no gun ban that will ever work. You want to know why? Because criminals don't care what a law bans - criminals do whatever they want. That's why they're called criminals. They don't adhere to the book of laws by which our country is run. America could give an automatic life sentence to anyone who touched a gun and it wouldn't work. You want to know why? Because the criminal attaining the gun that they'll use to shoot up a mass amount of people won't care. The criminal will either shoot themselves or get shot by police. Their life is over already. They don't care if they broke a gun law when they just shot 58 people at a country concert.

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No amount of gun laws will ever prevent a mass shooting. None. Not ever. No chance on this planet.

Gun laws aren't working in Chicago where people shoot each other by the masses. Mass shootings often occur in areas that are listed as "gun-free" which means no one in the area is allowed to protect themselves from an active shooter. What do you tell a shooter who brings a gun into a "gun free" zone? "Excuse me sir, please put your illegal gun down. This is a no gun zone. Didn't you know?" and the criminal responds by "oh, you're right good chappy. Let me put this gun away and stop robbing you now" and the fairy tale doesn't end there! Now they bring people fruit and yogurt, because once a criminal who is shooting up a school realizes the school is a gun free zone, then they automatically stop. Right? Because someone who is about to shoot people really cares about gun laws, right? 

So what can we do?

We can teach our children how to fight back, how to defend themselves, and how to remain calm, help people, and stay safe in the event that a mass shooting happens and they're a potential victim of it. We can teach our children and ourselves how to be prepared for when disaster strikes. 

There will be another mass shooting eventually and it's important for people to be prepared.

We are sitting ducks and we need to know how to respond the best way possible.

We always hope that when this nonsense happens, that someone has a gun who can take out the criminal faster than the police can arrive. We know police can't arrive somewhere instantly - especially if people in the car don't get out of the way.

Some people might say "what if we ban guns and every gun in America really is gone?" Then you'll just have another problem. If there was no guns in America, then people would use knives, chemicals, vehicles, homemade explosives. You name it, it can be a weapon. In fact, a gun shot is probably the least of your worries. If the Vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock, couldn't get himself an arsenal of guns, then he'd have another batch of weapons. He would probably have used a chemical or some other method of creating mass chaos and injury.

If people want to harm someone, they're going to do it. There is no law for which evil can be forbidden. 

Evil lurks among us. For every handful of good people in the world, there's a wickedly evil person just waiting to erupt into violence. There are no laws that will prevent someone with evil intentions from doing evil things such as committing mass casualties with any form of weapons they can get their hands on.

What if there was no guns in America? Fine - what if Paddock threw a grenade into a crowd? What if he released poisonous gas into the crowd? What if he flew an airplane into the crowd or stole a tank and shot the crowd before running them over to add insult to injury?

There is no laws or methods of preventing evil deeds. The planet needs a balance and horrible events such as mass shootings will always be a way of life.

Keep yourself prepared, armed, and ready.

Current stats, at 10:50 pm EST, state Stephen Paddock killed 59 and wounded 527. 

Name one law that would have prevented the Las Vegas mass shooting.

I'll wait.

Image credit: Keary O. on Flickr

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