NO - Kroger is NOT charging a BLM tax to all shoppers

If you see a viral photo going around that is a Kroger receipt that says "BLM CHARGE" on it - then let the person who posted it know it's fake.

Kroger has already addressed that they are not charging anyone a BLM tax or fee or charge and the receipt photograph going around is photoshopped.

However, there is somehow a coin shortage in America and Kroger is rounding up so they don't have to give shoppers their change in coins. The portion they round up is going on the shopper's loyalty card to be used later.

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Here's the original receipt in question, as shown by an angry shopper on Facebook who was mad that they were getting upcharged for this ridiculous coin shortage.

She was trying to pay with coins, but they wouldn't accept them. Wait, if there's a shortage of coins, and someone offers to GIVE YOU COINS, then wouldn't that make MORE CENTS? Ha, get it!

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