Noah Cyrus Selling Bottle of Her Tears for $12,000 after breaking up with fake rapper Lil Xan

Two assholes break up and the girl sells her fake salty ass tears and everyone hates them.



Here's what happens when the Tide Pod generation goes into full fucking retard mode. Jesus tap-dancing Christ, we now have Noah Cyrus selling her salty ass tears after her breakup with the mumbling douchebag fake generic Sound Cloud dork who calls himself a rapper. He looks like he crawled out of a trash can that had some Cracker Jack tattoos loose in the mix.

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He's a mix of special needs, no talent, and kinda always looks/sounds like he just had wisdom teeth pulled.

If she's really selling her tears, then they must be tears of happiness. There's still hope for Noah.

As for LiL Xan, maybe it's time to overdose.

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Fuck that guy.

Fuck her too.


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Trent from Barstool Sports had me cracking up when he wrote:

Fuck these two. Fuck them right in the face. I’m normally open to the younger generation doing their thing even when I don’t understand their appeal but not these two. We can’t let madness such as this go unchecked. None of us wanted another Cyrus in our lives. We had a meeting and held a vote and we were all set. We didn’t ask for this. We had Billy Ray and Miley. That was more than enough. The fact that she knows she can put a bottle of her stupid tears on sale for $12,o00 and it’ll sell. She could probably sell 1,000 of those bottles. I’m all for capitalism but that’s patently ridiculous.




He then mentioned that LiL Xan the douchebag has 4.9 million followers and it's time to call Thanos and have him do his thing.

He isn't wrong.

If you're the type of person to follow someone like LiL Xan and think he's a real rapper, then you need to be dusted with him.

This shit is out of hand and this generation is fucking stupid.


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