Following a new round of sanctions against the North Korean regime, their ambassador to the United Nations said that not only does North Korea reject the sanctions he called them an illegal resolution. North Korea's representatives to the UN the Trump administration of choosing the path of political, economic and military confrontation.  Han Tae Song, the isolated nation's ambassador to the United Nations said that the United States and their intended actions would be met with the "greatest pain it has ever experience in its history."  These strong, and usually shallow, threats come as the United Nations voted unanimously for sanctions against North Korea including reductions to their importing of oil and oil products, an outright ban on textile exportation and a ban on new visa for North Koreans who are working overseas.

The resolution was only passed with the nod of North Korean allies Russia and China after the sanctions were softened.  A proposal by the United Sates that would have frozen assets and banned all international travel of Kim Jong-un were nixed from the bill entirely.

Monday's resolution was the ninth one unanimously adopted by the UN since 2006.

President Trump said he believes this is just another small step toward what needs to be done to deal with North Korea.  He added that irrespective of any significant impact the new sanctions would have they would amount to nothing in the scope of things in comparison to what will ultimately need to be done.  He did not elaborate or give details on what that mighty mean.

The US ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley stated that they the US does not take any particular pleasure in sanctioning the nation and asserted that the US is not, in fact, looking for war.

She added that North Korea has not yet gotten past the point of no return but that if they continue down their dangerous path, the US will continue with even more pressure and that the choice is theirs, and theirs only.

A spokesman for South Korea said that North Korea needs to understand that a reckless challenge, such as launching missiles all over the region, is a challenge agains the international community's peace and will only result in even more stringent sanctions being brought upon them.

An editor for the BBC in China said that Beijing is walking a thin line and wishes to have sanctions tough enough to show its displeasure to Pynonyang without having the Americans accuse them of complicity.  She said that part of this thin line is ensuring the sanctions are not so tough that they threaten the existence of North Korea.

Pyonyangs major allies, China and Russia reiterated a proposal to have the US and South Korea cease its military drills in the region in order to not infuriate the NK regime in addition to asking for a stopping of deployment of an anti-missile system known as Thaad.  In exchange for these concessions North Korea would have to agree to cease its nuclear weapons programs.

Haley dismissed this proposal as insulting.

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