North Korea Warns About 'Gift Package' After Missile Test

North Korea's Kim Jong Un has warned that he has a much bigger 'Gift Package' after their third successful missile test in the last couple of weeks. Kim Jong Un has been testing missiles in the last few weeks as means to try and scare potential enemies such as the United States of America. He has now said that he will develop a nuclear-armed missile with the capabilities of reaching US soil.

Kim Jong Un seems determined to have a missile developed to reach another continent just as a means to show his potential strength of the North Korean military. The most recent missile test was a short-range Scud ballistic missile that was launched from an Eastern coastal town called Wonsan late and flew for six minutes before landing in the sea of Japan.

Donald Trump has since condemned North Korea's actions, joining the leaders of South Korea and Japan who also condemned their actions. They have vowed to take action against North Korea to deter them and have also said that North Korea has possibly shown disrespect for China after their actions.

President Trump joined leaders of South Korea and Japan on Monday to condemn North Korea. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe vowed to take action with the U.S. to "deter North Korea." On Twitter, Trump said North Korea showed "great disrespect" for China in its latest launch. 

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un warned Tuesday of sending a bigger "gift package" to the United States after successfully launching its third missile test in recent weeks. 

North Korea's official KCNA news agency quoted the rogue leader, saying that Pyongyang would continue to develop its missile program in preparation for a possible attack, Reuters reported. 

"He expressed the conviction that it would make a greater leap forward in this spirit to send a bigger 'gift package' to the Yankees," KCNA added.

It seems there is a lot of bad blood between the USA and North Korea at the moment with missile tests and Tweets being used as a means to threaten one another, but is it all talk? Is it just another d*ck measuring contest that will lead to nothing but bragging about who has the bigger gift package?

It's quite clear neither country likes one another and they all seem prepared to defend or attack if need be. But isn't that how every country should be? Shouldn't everyone be ready to attack and defend at all times?

At the moment it seems to be that they will show off their big weapons without any real attack on either country, it's much like a game to see which will back down first.

Due to the recent missile tests and the back and forth banter on Twitter, many people wonder if this conflict could turn into World War III. It's doubtful. People won't let a few Tweets turn into a bombing.

The only way this could lead to any kind of World War 3 is if Kim Jong Un acted up on his threats and did attack the USA. This would more than likely lead to the whole world against North Korea but would also lead to a lot of blood shed and problems for a while.

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