'Not One Drop Of Blood' - mutilated cow has no blood or organs


An incident of a cow found mutilated without sex organs and blood completely drained started a witch-hunt on aliens and cults. 


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Cows have been found mutilated, with blood drained and sex organs removed and this all happened in Oregon. The police are currently investigating the matter but so far, there have been no leads and this has prompted citizens and netizens alike to form theories as to who is responsible for such travesty. 


There have been similar cases in the past and there is no natural explanation as to why the cows were killed in such a way. Mother nature won’t castrate anyone, no other predator or poisonous plant can kill in such a way and this has prompted people to blame it on the supernatural. 


The first thing that comes to mind is the occult. The draining of blood can be explained as a sacrifice and this is a plausible conclusion due to the incidents in the past that are eerily similar to what is happening now. This isn’t a one-time thing as more cows were found in the countryside in the following days.


The other explanation is that, wait for it, aliens. Following the raid of Area 51, people are scared that this is retaliation from our friendly, techno-geek neighbors from outer space. Since there were no tracks or other clues, people are jumping to the conclusion that this is a work of flying saucer users that visit earth from time to time. 


Whoever and whatever is responsible, this is obviously orchestrated by demented minds for harming innocent animals. Police are investigating this closely and appreciate any leads that will help solve the case.  

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