Now you can buy 'scented flatulence pills' so your farts smell like roses

Scientists have proof that we like the smell of our farts, but the problem is, no one else does! Now there is a solution that was made by Frenchman Christian Poincheval, as his pills make your gasses smell like a range of different aromas!

This product is named PilulePet and comes in different flavors, so your fart can smell like roses, chocolate, violet or something else which would still be pleasant to people around you. As Mr. Poincheval claims, he got the idea after he was embarrassed together with his friends while they were dining in the restaurant.

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According to him, they were emitting so many farts that people around them had a tough time. Developing these pills took him more than a decade since he started working on them in 2007.

You can buy these pills on the internet, where it's claimed that they are all natural and are treated as dietary supplements that can be used by anyone. One bottle costs around $20, which is not exactly cheap, but you don't need to use them all the time anyway.

Interestingly, once you order the package, you don't have to worry anyone will find out what have you bought. The discretion is guaranteed! The manufacturer Lutin Malin claims that the business is going well and that they already have a mass of returning customers.

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And what if you have dogs and cats living in your house? While you can't give them the same pills you use, Lutin Malin also offers the version for pets! It comes in the form of supplement powder and is mainly meant for dogs. Since the pills are tested and safe to use, probably everyone would be curious to check them and see the effect, even though not a lot of us would be brave enough to admit it!

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