NY Post shows Rep. Omar what it looks like when "some people did something"


Whoever is in charge at the NY Post is owed a big thank you after they publicly shamed Rep. Ilhan Omar for her repulsive and unAmerican comments about the terror attack that occured on 9/11. Their latest cover (4/11/19) shows an iconic photograph from the day the attack happened and nearly 3,000 people were lost on that day alone - not to mention all the others who lost their lives later after suffering medical complications from working on Ground Zero.

Omar will likely defend her comments, saying she's an American and supports people - but that's a huge lie. She's a total disgrace to Congress and does not belong anywhere in American government.

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The true Americans are fed up with her and most people with a working brain want her to resign.

Donald Trump Jr. and many others got involved with the charade that is Omar, calling her out for everything she does. In fact, what exactly has she done besides become a huge scandal for Democrats? Nothing. That's the answer. She does nothing for Americans.