NYC Man beaten by 15 teenagers for wearing Trump MAGA hat

A man named Jahangir "John" Turan says he was beat up by a group of teenagers for wearing his "Make America Great Again" (MAGA) hat. Turan, 42, runs a New York City art gallery and says he was attacked on Tuesday night on Canal Street.

Turan, an avid Trump supporter who just purchased the hat at Trump hotel, gave his version of the story as reported by Fox 5 NY.

"He says the group of about 15 "kids" yelled "F*** Trump" and stomped on him.  One of them smashed his head into a scaffold.  Turan says he suffered a fracture in his cheek and a badly swollen eye.  He's awaiting an eye specialist to determine if there is any permanent damage to his sight."


Turan gave a news conference on Thursday in the afternoon and pressured the NYPD to figure out who attacked him.

He also expressed doubts about wearing the hat again after he was left beaten so badly for wearing it the first time. He said, "it's sad to get beat up for wearing this hat.  This is America."

If anyone has information about the attack, please contact the NYPD.


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