Obama's former counsel on trial for misleading officials about work with Paul Manafort

A former White House counsel under former President Barack Obama attends trial on Monday. His presence required after claims of lying and misleading the Justice Department officials on his work with Paul Manafort, the current president’s former campaign manager.

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This case is rooted in Robert Mueller’s Russia probe, which found evidence of the alleged wrongdoings committed by Craig. This was claimed as a referred material to the US Attorney’s office for the prosecution for the District of Colombia. He is therefore accused of violating a core component of the Foreign Agents Registration Act.

This component requires public relations workers to disclose the facts on behalf of a foreign entity. It is illegal to not do so.

Craig’s indictment last April for two counts of false statements in relation to his public relations work in Ukraine. Judge Amy Berman Jackson, Obama’s appointee, discarded one of the counts Craig currently faced. Although he is still facing one count this August.

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Manafort, who was an adviser to the government in Kiev in 2012, led a hand in hiring Craig and his law firm to draw up a report on the prosecution of then Prime Minster Yulia Tymoneshko.

Years later, Manafort became Trump’s campaign chairman before leaving his post in the midst of queries on his service in Ukraine. Later, he was arrested in Virginia for bank and tax fraud and was in trial. It was Craig’s law firm, that crafted the report to validate Tymoshekno’s prosecution.

Craig then staged distribution for news materials. US prosecutors found out that he personally reached out to correspondent David Sanger to kick off a well-planned public relations plan designed to maximize their political benefit

Craig’s defense attorneys claim that this is for his protection. Spinning the review for the sake of vindication contradicts with Manafort’s reaction.

The trial is still going on.

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