Former President Obama blew his cover when he was caught secretly sneaking into America through Alaska this week. He took selfies with a random couple's baby, because picking up stranger's kids is just something you should do, and then he went about his business on a private flight home. I wonder how many secret service agents got to fly with him on the private plane. Are the agents allowed to take selfies too? I'm asking for a friend.

He didn't technically sneak into America, because you kinda need to buy a plane ticket and go in the public area, which is where they seem to have been when the selfie was taken with some random kid. Imagine the Dad didn't know who Obama was, or didn't notice him from behind, and sucker-punched Obama! That would've been a sight to see as an overprotective dad beats up a former President.

People are claiming that Obama was being sneaky about returning home from his trip to Asia, but I'm pretty sure most flights from Asia to America go through the west coast. Anyone claiming Obama was sneaking around is just stirring the pot. Don't fall for that stupidity.

Now the part that we're wondering about is the rumored meeting with Eric Holder. What is that all about? What will Obama and Holder talk about?

If anyone calls this a secret meeting, then what exactly makes it so secret if we all know about it? Nothing. It's not actually a secret meeting considering it's announced on major news networks. Even CNN has it right this time!

Maybe it was secret and someone blew the lid off it. Did Trump expose the meeting? I'm not really sure, but it seems like most news outlets know about it. Like I said, don't fall for the "OMG Obama is having secret meetings" when the meetings are talked about by mainstream news.

Sources state that Obama will headline a fundraiser for the NDRC, which is the National Democratic Redistricting Committee. He's meeting Holder and Nancy Pelosi, perhaps to talk about the NDRC, or maybe even other things. This meeting is set to take place in Washington, DC. This is also Obama's first waltz back into politics since about January, 2017. He clearly had a good few months off, now he's jumping back into politics, possibly to get a three year head start on helping Democrats regain control of the White House in 2020. Yeah, no chance for that. We're going to vote like there's no tomorrow to make sure liberals don't ruin the country any further.

Could this be the beginning stages of talks about how to take down President Trump in 2020? Only time and conspiracy theories will tell. Of course, unless the public is allowed to watch the meeting, then we might not truly know what's really being said behind closed doors.

Redistricting is when government or local control divide or organize areas into new political districts. Will democrats use redistricting to attempt a strategic takeover of states who went to the Trump side?

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