Obama trolls Trump with custom Anti-American women's soccer jersey

Did Barack Obama just troll Trump with his custom women's soccer jersey? President Donald Trump and the United States women's national soccer team are at odds ends. They just won the World Cup and didn't get an invite to the White House like other sports champions do.

Some of the women on the team have accepted an invite by Chuck Schumer instead. Donald Trump didn't bother inviting them, so the ladies will have their parade in New York and then visit Chuck Schumer and probably Nancy Pelosi too. Sounds boring.

Some members of the women's national soccer team do not like Trump. Megan Rapinoe, known for her purple hair and taking a knee during the National Anthem is one of them.

Many people are thinking Barack Obama might be playing a joke on Trump by posting this picture on his Twitter page. It's like he's saying if he was still president, the girls would like him better.

Well, honestly, it's women's soccer and no one cares anyway.

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