Obamacare for illegals might cost Americans $23 billion per year

The new analysis was released this Thursday, showing that taxpayers could potentially have to shell out close to $23 billion a year for Obamacare illegal immigrant coverage. Assessments say that there are around five million illegal immigrants in the States that are qualified for Obamacare's subsidies meaning that, on average, they would receive about $4600 every year.


If all of them were included in the program, that would cost the taxpayers $22.6 billion a year. Even if only 50 percent of illegal immigrants would enroll, that would still be more than $10.4 billion every year. That is the result of a study by the Center for Immigration Studies, which advocates a lower level of immigration. The study also claims that if illegal immigrants with the lowest income are put on Medicaid while the rest receive Obamacare subsidies, the expense would be about the same.

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Research director Steven Camarota said that health care coverage for people that illegally entered the country should be estimated before any debate. He also explained that their research has proven that illegal immigration is a heavy burden on taxpayers.


Presidential Democratic candidates don't seem to agree, as all ten of them think that illegal immigrants should use government-sponsored health care. Still, they all have different views about how to do it. Sen. Bernard Sanders promotes "Medicare for All" philosophy, as he believes that illegal immigrants could be supported by a system fully run by the government.

On the other hand, former Vice President Joseph R. Biden thinks that it's the humane thing to help illegals, and they should get emergency coverage and should be given a chance to buy into Obamacare.


President Trump is currently doing the opposite, as he already announced that immigrants that could be a drain on the U.S. health care system would be banned from entering the country.

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