Ocasio-Cortez gives info to help undocumented immigrants during ICE raid


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez appears to be helping undocumented immigrants avoid being deported as the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will begin raids in multiple cities on Sunday, July 14. These raids were previously postponed, but appear to be going down as far as the reports suggest.

The ICE raids are targeting migrants who "already have court orders to be removed, according to a US official.

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The effort comes weeks after President Donald Trump had tweeted ICE's plans to conduct the raids, then delayed the operation after additional details became public. The President, adamant on doubling down on illegal immigration, has repeatedly tweeted about an impending operation, a striking move given that operations are not announced ahead of time," as per a report on CNN.

AOC was seen on Twitter posting information that could help people avoid being detained and/or deported. However, it does not appear that she is addressing the reason for the raids in the first place, which is the status of the people who entered the country illegally. America has border rules and laws in place that should be followed and her actions make it appear that she is protecting illegal immigrants.

Here are the messages she posted via Twitter.